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Pest Removals Australia is a professional pest control agency who offers a complete and flexible service with a high level of industry expertise to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our agency has been built on reliability and an understanding of our client needs.

What we do:

  • Inspection to confirm & determine possum entry points
  • Remove possums using one way exit doors or possum cages
  • Block off possum entry points/holes using possum proof materials
  • 12 month warranty which means we come back if possums come back in your roof
  • Safe & humane both for family & possums
  • We provide Upfront pricing

Possum Removals

A little bit about Possums . . .

Identifying a live possum may be difficult, however, because their most effective defense against predators is to "play dead" (play possum). When threatened, the possum may growl, hiss or screech revealing all intimidating 50 teeth. If this attempt fails and is unable to escape, their bodies will stiffen and mouth will open slightly and will collapse into an involuntary coma. This condition frequently saves their lives because, for most animals, the simple act of killing of prey is part of the allure of the meal, thus the "dead" possum is not appetizing. Once the coast is clear, the possum awakens from his coma and is on his way again.

Possums are not generally known to cause damage, however, they are a nuisance, rummaging through rubbish bins near homes, bird feeders and your pets food dish. They are always looking for a new and cozy place to make a "nest" and sometimes that means your attic, garage or an empty void in the wall. Carrying and feeding young in their pouch. After born, the young find their way to the mother's pouch and remain until about 6 to 7 weeks. Once weaned, young possums will roam until they find an environment where enough food and safety is offered.