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Carpet Beetle Removals

A little bit about Bed Bugs . . .

Carpet beetles are actually a number of beetles spanning several different genera. Many of these species belong to the genus Antherenus, such as the variegated carpet beetle. Adult beetles are small with compact oval shaped bodies. Their legs and head are often hidden under the body.

The variegated carpet beetle (antherenus verbasci) and the furniture carpet beetle (anthrenus flavipes) are roughly 2-3 millimetres long. They are mottled yellow, white and black.

The black carpet beetle (attagenus unicolor) is larger and more elongate, about 3-5 millimetres. They are black with brown legs.

The Australian carpet beetle (anthrenocerus australis) is dark with light markings and about 2-3 millimetres long. This is the only native species of carpet beetle.

Carpet Beatle Habits

Most species have larvae that are slow moving, brown in colour and covered in bristles. They moult as they grow, leaving cast brown skins behind. It is the larvae that are responsible for the damage.Carpet beetle larvae don't just attack carpet! They feed on a wide variety of household items including book bindings, leather, wool, cotton, linen, rayon, fur, hair, hides, horns, feathers, silk, velvet, felt, bone, seed, grain, cereal, cake mix, rye meal and flour.