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Bed Bugs Removal

A little bit about Bed Bugs . . .

Few people are disturbed by a bed bug while it is feeding. This is because the bite itself is usually painless. However, most people will experience some degree of allergic reaction to the bite after the bed bug has finished its blood meal. This allergic reaction is triggered by the bed bug's saliva which is injected into the bite wound to work as an anticoagulant (a substance that reduces clotting, allowing the bed bug to feed longer).

Unlike fleas, a bed bug bite does not leave the characteristic red spot. Instead, the allergic reaction will produce a colorless swelling that range from virtually undetectable to quite severe in highly sensitive people.

In addition to the allergic reaction, bed bugs are also known-carriers of over 25 different diseases including the plague, relapsing fever, tularemia, and Q fever. However, although the bed bugs are known to carry these diseases, there is little evidence to indicate transmission to humans.

When humans are not available to feed on, bed bugs will resort to poultry, canaries, sparrows, mice, rats, guinea pigs, and bats.

Bed bugs prefer to reside in the sleeping areas of humans, preferring cracks and crevices in the bed's box spring or wood frame. Bed bugs can also be found in the bedroom's picture frames, wooden night stands, stuffed furniture, baseboards, floorboard cracks, and other wooden areas.

Although bed bugs tend to live close to their food source (sleeping humans) they will crawl considerable distances for a meal.