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Ant Removals

A little bit about Ants . . .

It's easy to recognize ants, with narrow waists, bulbous abdomens, and elbowed antennae. In most cases, when you observe ants you are only seeing the workers, all of which are female. Ants live underground, in dead wood, or sometimes in plant cavities. Most ants are black, brown, tan, or or red.

All ants are social insects. With few exceptions, ant colonies divide labor between sterile workers, queens, and male reproductives, called alates. Winged queens and males fly in swarms to mate. Once mated, queens lose their wings and establish a new nest site; males die. Workers tend to the colony's offspring, even rescuing the pupae should the nest be disturbed. The all-female workforce also gathers food, constructs the nest, and keeps the colony clean.

Ant Habits

Ants eat fruit, flowers, and seeds, while others eat everything in their path, including small animals.

Ants typically make their nests in or on the ground. The soil excavated to make the nest may be piled up around the opening to the nest, forming a mound or crater. The nest is typically composed of several long tunnels that lead to chambers. The chambers serve as storage areas for food and as nurseries for the young

Some species of ants eat live insects while others feed only on decaying animal matter. Others cultivate and eat fungi. Some ants gather seeds and grain for food.

Ants have special mouthparts for grabbing and eating food. First come the mandibles, which are jaws that move from side to side. Ants use their mandibles to hold food, carry their young, and fight enemies.